Q:  Why do the black pants and shorts seem to fit a little smaller than the other colors?

A:  They may feel a little tighter out of the box but they will fit the same once you wear them and wash them once.  The reason they feel a little smaller is because the black fabric had to be triple dyed in order to get it as black as we wanted, so they are a little stiffer out of the box but once you wear and wash them, they will feel like the other colors.

Q:  I seem to have lost my ball mark.

A:  Any metal ball mark will work but we are happy to send you a new one at no cost.    Remember, it is important to make sure you square up your ball mark so it is securely connected to the magnet.  The mark will find its mark, just square it up with your fingers.

Q:  The tee holder has 5 slots but it is pretty tight if I use all 5 slots.

A:  The tee holder is designed to hold 3 tees, one in the first slot, middle and end.  Two tees work great as well, use the 2nd and 4th slot.  If you only need one, use the middle slot.