• Khaki/Brown Pants


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    Description:  Timeless design with 6 unique features to simplify golf by providing easy access to the tools you use most.   High tech fabric and a comfortable fit, once you wear them everything else just falls short.   Each pair of pants and shorts comes with a logo ball mark and hang tag describing all the features which doubles as a beer/drink coaster!

    Material:  Caddy Slacks are made from a high-tech fabric that wicks moisture away, dries quickly, breathes with a little stretch for comfort.   They also has a 40+ UV coating to keep you protected.

    Sizing:  Caddy Slacks run very true to size, but if your waist size is normally an odd number like a 33 or 35, go with the larger size.

    Care Instructions:  One of the great things about Caddy Slacks, NO IRONING!  They are a wrinkle free fabric, simply wash in cold water, dry on low, and off you go.